Friday, September 6, 2013

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This is an amazing story rich in history of an old run-down shack owned by a small black lady who once cooked for Charlie Chaplin. In 1977 this old shack was bought, renovated and is now Casanova, the most romantic restaurant I've ever dined in. It is known for having begun the idea of flavored dipping oils for breads, and for serving Cafe' au lait and Lattes in large country French bowls. Guests have even taken their designers and architects to capture the Casanova flair. It has the most amazing cuisine, wines, and staff!

Front door of Casanova
Once inside, you feel as though you have been transported to another country such as France or Italy! There is a private room, named the Van Gogh room, that is home to the table Van Gogh sat at while painting his last painting, the church at Auvers. This table was given to Walter Georis while vacationing in Paris. Now anyone can enjoy dining at that very table.

Now, if you go to either of these websites you will see they are very much alike, which led me to believe they must be owned by the same family. I was right! Georis Winery was established by Walter Georis, who also established Casanova Restaurant. 

While dining that night, we had 2006 Georis Estate "La Chapelle" ($25 half bottle). It was so amazing and perfect for our meal. If you want to get it, you can go to their website and contact them for older vintages of wine. They have a 2009 vintage of the same name and it sounds really good. I wouldn't pass it up! This is probably the first red wine I ever fell in love with.

Georis Winery has two tasting rooms, which we didn't make it to on this trip. They are located on 4 Pilot Road and Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, California.

Holding my empty bottle of Georis!
Enjoy lunch or dinner with reservations for sure!