Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Birthday Surprise at The Mansion on Turtle Creek #SaunterWines #RWTurtleCreek

November is almost over and we are all on to the next big holiday, the most important one of the year. This past month was a fast one, with Cullum's 16th birthday, my birthday, substituting ten days in three weeks, visiting Erica, Bryan and Brady and his new baby brother, Beau, in Albuquerque, escaping to Santa Fe with Don, and having the flu, not to mention Thanksgiving and some Christmas shopping online and in stores. 

I wanted to share a great wine that neither of us have ever had before (as with all the wines I share are new to us). Don surprised me on the night of my birthday and took me to the Mansion on Turtle Creek for dinner. It is such a beautiful place, like no other in Dallas.

We sat by the fireplace and there weren't many other couples in this room on a Monday night. Other rooms were being used for private events though.

We had an unbelievable dining experience and the food was amazing. The wine we chose was a 2010 Swagger Cabernet Sauvignon ($55) by Saunter Wines in Napa, CA. The name comes from the noun swagger meaning confidence, pride, or arrogant strut. Saunter Wines claims this is their expression of the pride they have in their work, in every decision, and every implementation. It's what makes them different and sets them apart from average to exceptional. This wine is exactly that. Extremely delicious!

My hubby and me! 

My beautiful Dr. Delphinium roses that lasted nearly two weeks!

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Spirit of the Times-Zeitgeist #Gemmarestaurant


Dining at Gemma is one of the most gratifying experiences on Henderson Avenue in Dallas, and I would dare to say my favorite as of lately! Both times we've dined outside on the patio in the cool breezes of fall and it has been delightful. 
We met Allison this weekend (the wife of the husband-wife team that opened the restaurant 10 months ago). Stephen and Allison moved here from California where they had worked at one of Napa's ton destination restaurants, PRESS. Stephen was the executive chef and she was the general manager. They both decided it was time to open their own restaurant and move closer to family here in Dallas.

We are very glad they did! When we mention the name Gemma, everyone raves about it, so it's not just us! They have monthly wine dinners either on Monday or Tuesday nights when they are regularly closed.

Allison came to our table to greet us which gave Don a chance to ask her to recommend a Cabernet Sauvignon that she thought was fabulous. Here's what she suggested:

2011 Zeitgeist Cabernet Sauvignon ($70) Napa Valley. The name means spirit of the times, coined by the German Romanticists to describe the cultural, ethical, and spiritual mood of an era. The wine embodies the spirit of the vintage and the collaboration of the husband and wife winemakers. Velvet like dark fruits and unsweetened cocoa and cassis with smoke. Smooth sailing on the finish.

It was delicious and the food, as always, was fabulous. This restaurant will never disappoint me! I love the interior, exterior, the food, wine, and the friendly wait-staff! Good job team!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

#RexsSeafood Salmon Creek and Domaine Paul Buisse

We've had two wonderful white wines lately while dining at Rex's Seafood, one of our favorite local seafood restaurants/markets. It's convenient, close, easy to get in and out with complimentary valet, and the food never disappoints. 

2012 Salmon Creek Chardonnay Reserve ($6), Napa Valley. This Chardonnay is abundant with fruit and creamy flavors and is soft on the palette.

This next wine was another choice for the evening. Usually Don will order white at this restaurant to pair with the seafood. Sweet thing! He orders something different from me so I can decide which one I like the best and he'll drink the other. In this case, they were both great!

The wine pictured above is especially good with soft goat cheeses, salads, and shellfish, along with seafoods.
2012 Domaine Paul Buisse Touraine Sauvignon Blanc ($13)


Thursday, November 6, 2014

#kamenwines and Tenuta Di Renieri Chanti Classico at

I wanted to share two great wines that we have had recently. One was at our favorite place to dine-DCC and the other was with my friends that own La Bichette on Hillcrest across from SMU. Such a cute place for a blowout and makeup when you are going out on the town or just for fun!
Check it out below!

So one weekend, Don was gone to ABQ for a fraternity weekend. Marsha and Tammy, the mother-daughter owners asked me to come by and watch what goes on during a busy Saturday (Highland Park ISD homecoming!). I ended up helping out for eight hours. It was fun meeting so many people! 

The night before, we ate dinner at Amore' Italian Restaurant. Tammy and I had eggplant parmesan and Marsha and Neil had grilled salmon. It was so delicious paired with this wine.

2009 Tenuta Di Renieri Chianti Classico Riserva ($25)

The other great wine Don and I had was on half-price bottle night at the DCC. We ate on the patio enjoying the cool breeze of September (really)! Here's the wine that Aaron Benson suggested for us that evening.

 2008 Kamen Cabernet Sauvignon ($80) from Sonoma Valley. This is one fine wine! And after doing a little research, it turns out that Robert Kamen is a Hollywood screenwriter (for over 20 years). Movies like Taken, the Karate Kids series, the Transporter series, The Fifth Element just to name a few. 

Click on the link above to read about this wine. You will be drooling before you finish the tasting notes. I highly recommend this wine for a special occasion. It is worth every penny!