Monday, November 18, 2013

Winery Visits #1-October Trip to Sonoma! Viszlay Vineyards in the Russian River Valley!

October was a very busy month for me. I was in California more than I was in Texas, which isn't that bad considering that CA is where all the great wineries are located-just my opinion! (Just so happens that my oldest daughter, her hubby, and my two oldest granddaughters are located there too!) 

We boarded a flight from DFW to LA where business was taken care of by the hubby, while I ventured to The Grove to spend time shopping and dining. 

That same evening we boarded another flight to San Francisco and headed to Healdsburg Hotel on the Plaza, my favorite place to stay! Thursday morning we hit the road running with our driver, Nicholas! I had a very intense list of wineries to visit in one day. We began with
Viszlay Vineyards for a private tasting.

This is a small Russian River boutique winery nestled among 10 acres with 12 varietals planted. Their wines are amazing and John and his daughter Abby are so sweet. Here's what we tasted.

This sparkling Prosecco ($36) was wonderful and is made in a drier style than other Italian versions you might have had before. The winemaker said it tastes much like the 2008 version that won Best of Class in the North of the Gate Wine Competition in 2010.  

We also tasted two different  2010 Chardonnays- one being a reserve and the only way you could tell the difference before tasting was the foil around the neck of the bottle. Notice the last bottle in the row has a white foil. That is the reserve Chardonnay, which is sold out now.
The one next to it in a gold foil was just as wonderful. It sells for $36 a bottle. Both Chardonnays have a nice acidity with a smooth finish and a citrusy aroma. 

We tasted  a 2007 Petite Sirah ($42) that was classically dark and delicious with big fruit-forward aromas, but not overly oaky. So good!

Our next two wines to taste were the 2008 and 2009 Five Vines ($42 each). These wines are a Meritage of five Bordeaux varietals grown in their Estate vineyard. Each one leads with a Merlot, followed by a Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc. Each of these were aged in neutral oak barrels. These are a must to purchase!

We had a great time visiting with John and Abby. Another couple from the Dallas metroplex showed up with their driver and joined us for the tasting. They were early for their tasting, but we told them the more the merrier!

On our way to the car, we took pictures and Abby gave me a cluster of Prosecco grapes to enjoy during the day. I ate them before we left! I love grapes!!!!!

Enjoy Viszlay Vineyards wines!