Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sharing Chardonnays!

I know it's still very hot outside in Dallas and other areas of Texas and the South. With that, it's still time to enjoy white wines of your choice. Unquestionably the most popular white grape variety is the Chardonnay grape.  This is in part due to its unfussy temperament and versatility for making wine. It is the variety behind classic white Burgundy and one of the three varieties used to make Champagne. Wines from this grape are dry, and light to medium and full bodied, depending on how they are made. It's easy to cultivate, disease-resistant and grows very well in most conditions. Chardonnay responds very well to being aged in oak. This gives the wine a depth of flavor not achieved by other processes.

I'll share three Chardonnays each week that we've tasted. 

The last time Don and I dined at R & D Kitchen he ordered a Chardonnay (that's unusual for him since Cab's are his favorite!) Here's what he had!
2012 Y3 Chardonnay ($21) from Jax Vineyards in Calistoga, CA. Napa Valley Chardonnays are known to be over-styled with butter and oak. But according to the winemakers at Jax Vineyards, an outstanding Chardonnay owes it's success to outstanding fruit, not a heavy style. This wine is outstanding!

2009 Hunting Hill Chardonnay ($50) by Kumeu River Wines in New Zealand. We had this fabulous wine at Shinsei on Inwood. It has a lovely fruit purity, beautifully fragrant with its lemon/lime blossom characters. Very nice with sushi!

Last is a 2010 DuMol Chardonnay ($55) from the Russian River Valley in Orinda, CA. We had this lovely wine at the DCC. The sommelier loves us because he knows we will try something new instead of asking for the same wine. This wine has nothing less than 91 points from any wine advocate. It is amazing! 

Enjoy these wines soon!