Thursday, April 3, 2014

#HayesRanch #studiomoviegril Great Wine With a Movie/Food! Hayes Ranch Chardonnay 2011 Best Foot Forward

Don and I are always at the movies, especially when a new movie is just released or if we want to see something no one else has heard of! (AKA at the Angelika or the Magnolia-places I love)

Dallas has these cool theaters to see movies and eat at the same time! How genius is that! Especially when I came from a town with one theater, which has two screens-to this day!

Studio Movie Grills are the most creative invention in the world of movie theaters as far as I'm concerned! I know! This isn't news to those that have lived in Dallas all of your life! But to me-it's amazing! Now, some are newer than others and I think the one that we went to this past weekend is fairly new. It's located on Northwest Highway. 

We arrived a little earlier than seating for the movie, so I took off to the ladies lounge and Don went for the bar! When I came back, he had chosen a Chardonnay for me to try, which was a great one!

This is a Hayes Ranch 2011 Best Foot Forward Chardonnay ($8), from Livermore, California. This is a "California wine with a western spirit!" Fresh, crisp citrus and pear character highlighted by gentle vanilla oak. I love the description on the front of the bottle. I wish all wine labels had a description, not necessarily on the front though. But this one works perfect! Love the boot! How Texan is that! Good for the Wine Wrangling Woman! 

The back label explains how the Hayes family is a true ranching family that depends on the land. Their winemaker carries on the tradition of crafting bright, delicious wines from premier CA vineyards with a rancher's pride. 

Well, this is one I would definitely buy again. I researched and found that it is probably sold at Cost Plus World Market, Kroger, and Goody-Goody in this area. Go to the website and type in your zip code to see where this great Chardonnay is sold in your area!