Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Sauvignon Blancs to Savor and Sip!

Sauvignon Blanc is usually associated with descriptions such as  aromatic, dry, pungent aroma, crisp, and slightly tart. It is sometimes blended with Semillon and Chenin Blanc. Chardonnay plantings outnumber Sauvignon Blanc by four to one and is sometimes called the "Poor Man's Chardonnay". Some significant growing countries and regions include Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, South Africa, and South America, and most notedly Washington and California. This green skinned grape originated in the Bordeaux region of France and was one of the earliest wines to be bottles with a screw top. It is usually consumed young and is known to pair well with sushi.

Some of the great Sauvignon Blancs that my husband and I have had are:

2011 Nice Sauvignon Blanc ($22). The two guys that crafter this wine are certified sommeliers, wine educators, and Le Cordon Bleu trained chefs. I met them at the Wolf-Sub Zero Showroom this spring. This wine is from Mendoza, Argentina. You can order it online.

2012 Veramonte ($11) This is a Chilean wine is grown along the rugged coast of the Pacific Ocean in the Casablanca Valley. A light straw color, bright, fresh and balanced.

2012 Francis Ford Coppola Director's Cut ($21) Don and I had been to Savor Dallas, which was so much fun trying all the wines and foods in the convention center downtown. This wine is from the Alexander Valley in California.

2012 Chilean Chequen Sauvignon Blanc ($15) We tasted this at the American Heart Association Grand Tasting in March. All of their wines were very good.

Well, that's it for more Sauvignon Blancs! There are still more to come!