Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wine Dinner Series at the Dallas Country Club #Inglenook1879

Although I have blogged about Francis Ford Coppola's wine before, and the entire history of the estate and the restoration back to its original name, Inglenook, I still believe it's worth reviewing if one has the time. I won't go into it here though. I want to spend time sharing the wonderful Inglenook wines I had at the dinner with my hubby and friend, Ted O'Connor.

The reception began with two wines:

 2012 Blancaneaux ($65), a white Rhone-style blend of estate grown Rousanne, Marsanne, and Viognier. Absolutely wonderful with this tray of delicious fruits, cheeses, crackers, and nuts.

The second wine was a Cask Cabernet 2010 ($75), reportedly one of the best cabernets ever made at Inglenook.
We then moved into the ballroom, found our table, met the ladies that were assigned to our table, and began a dinner to remember. I would love to bore you with the details of what we ate, but I'm embarrassed to say. I'll just show you the menu!

 Philippe Bascaules, whose previous job was running a little place called Chateau Margaux for twenty years, was hired as Inglenook's Estate Director. He was present this evening and spoke to us about the estate and the wines.

Here's what we had:
2011 RC Reserve Syrah ($62) with flavors of rich and red fruits to Mexican chocolate-amazing!

2009 Rubicon Estate ($250-that's right!) I can't even described how fabulous this wine is.

Last was a 2012 Edizione Pennino Zinfandel ($50) which is a tribute to Coppola's maternal grandfather. When the estate was purchased, it was suggested that he remove the Zinfandel vines, but because they have an Italian origin, he insisted they remain. Good thing, it was fantastic!

Thank you, Aaron Benson, for putting this together, and hopefully we can visit your favorite winery someday soon!