Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Journey to Miami! #AnticaWine #Fountainebleau

January is a very busy month for Don and I. Our anniversary, his birthday, and the PDC (which is a paper council he is a part of). So we usually combine them into one trip to Naples, Florida. But this year, we decided to leave early and visit Miami before the Naples work. Now don't think we didn't go out for our anniversary on the 5th or celebrate his birthday with the family on the 9th! Yes we did! That was in a previous blog.

I wanted to share this trip because of the fabulous wine we had at the Fountainbleu Ocean Resort on Miami Beach. This resort is a beautiful, very large resort with people everywhere at all times, especially the weekend we went, MLK holiday weekend. 

This is the front lobby which is so large, I can't even get the entire room in the picture (and I don't want to bore you to death-you can check it out online here).
We didn't even have to time to discover the depth of this resort because we wanted to see what else Miami had to offer!

One of the five restaurants in Fontainebleau is the StripSteak by Chef Michael Mina. It's the outpost of the extremely successful, award winning restaurant of the same name in Las Vegas. This is a innovative and contemporary concept by this chef and business partner Andre Agassi. It goes without saying that this is a steakhouse for the adventurous diner. There is an on-site aging room and butcher shop with signature specials that go beyond the usual steakhouse choices. 

Choosing red wine was not a problem except the one we chose out of this thirty page wine book was not in stock. Instead, the sommelier came over to our table and offered something just as special and we enjoyed it very much. I didn't have my phone with me, so I can't remember which Cabernet we had. I do have the cork, which says 2011 Napa Valley Antica on it. My problem is that I don't know which vineyard it came from, but pretty sure all of them are fabulous. It retails for around $55 online.

This wine was rich, savory and full-bodied, one that I will search for soon in Dallas. 

We were so pleased with the sommelier's suggestion of wine.

Maybe we can include this in our journey to Napa soon!