Monday, March 2, 2015

Vigilance Winery and Vineyards-#ShannonRidge

Vigilance-alert, watchful, keenly aware, careful and observant! As I learned more about the wine we drank one evening, I became keenly aware of the fact that the owners are very protecting of the land they farm. 

I carefully watched the video of the Dogs of Shannon Ridge and how they guard over the flock of sheep and vineyards keeping them safe from harm. This is the first time I have run across growers using sheep to run through the vineyards up and down each row cleaning, making protein and compost at the same time. It's the ultimate sustainable system.

2013 Vigilance Chardonnay ($25) grown in Red Hills, Lake County, California.  The fact sheet says that 70% of the fruit for this wine was fermented to create a creamy richness. A portion of the grapes were put through malolactic fermentation to add buttery layers and complexity to this wine. It has a golden straw color with aromas of green apple and refreshing tropical flavors. 

This is a very nice Chardonnnay at a reasonable price point. I loved it with a Harvest Chopped Salad with grilled salmon added. I'm sure this wine can be found locally at most of the grocers and large wine retailers. Look for it-it's worth your time and efforts!