Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Golden Birthday for Rayleigh! Seven on Seventh!

My cute granddaughter just had her golden birthday! She turned 7 years old on February 7, which is a golden birthday! When you turn the age of the date of your birthday, whatever that may be, it's your golden birthday. I missed mine 59 years ago. So there's no hope for me to have a golden birthday unless I live to be 103. My mom is 96 and my aunt is 100, so maybe there's hope for me!

After all the festivities of the birthday party with Elsa from the movie Frozen showing up at the door, to opening a ton of gifts, serving cake and cupcakes, pineapple punch and of course, Chick Fil A, we were exhausted. The little girls went to bed and we opened up the bottles! Not all in one night! Please!

2010 Arrowood Chardonnay ($20) from Sonoma, California. This wine 
is a bright gold with scents of tangerine, peach, ginger, and floral honey. Balanced by orange zest, citrus blossoms, and a hint of apricot jam, it reminds me of an orange creamsicle. I've visited this winery with my oldest daughter and husband after a Clampitt wine bottling in 2012. It's a beautiful old home on a hill looking out to the vineyard.

2012 Amizetta Sauvignon Blanc ($20) Upon opening of bottle of this wine you notice aromas of pineapple and pear. The body begins with citrus and then tasting the aromas. The finish has a slight acidity with your taste buds drowning in creamy vanilla tannins. 
Interestingly enough, one of the proprietors was born a Mcfaddin in Beaumont, Texas. Mcfaddin is a well-known name in that area as being one of the earliest Texas ranching families. Beaumont is twenty minutes away from my birthplace, so I know it well!

2012 Domaines Ott Cotes de Provence Les Domaniers Rose Ott Selection ($23). Obviously a French rose', this wine is a great value and a worthy toast to Spring and Summer. A fresh and balanced rose' that captures the essence of the Cote d'Azur with its exotic fruit and white peach flavors. This rose' is a salmon pink color with a citrusy nose and a dominant  aroma of strawberries. 

Enjoy this three value wines soon!