Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lincourt Unoaked Chardonnay at Bistro N

Two days before Easter I was in Northpark Mall returning one of the two cross body bags that Nordstrom had sent me. Both were ordered, but one was not going to arrive before Sunday and one was. They both ended up arriving one day after another before Easter, so I had to take one back. I definitely did not need two of the same cross body bags. Since lunch had passed, I was beginning to get that empty feeling, so I headed up to the third floor where Bistro N is located.  

The food and wines are amazing and a great idea for the hungry shopper! I'm sure they're aware that customers will go and shop more because their tummies are satisfied and they can think clearly again. At least that's what happens to me!

While I was dining alone, I sipped on one glass of 
2010 Lincourt Unoaked Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills ($18).

It was delicious with my Lemon-Arugula Chicken Paillard entree, which I am determined I will make at home. It is very low in calories at only 239 per serving and very simple to make. The Nordstrom Family Cookbook did not have it included in their recipes, but the internet has several to choose from. 

I enjoyed my quiet "linner" (lunch and dinner) at Bistro N. I love that place!