Thursday, July 30, 2015

#OxbowPubMarket, Our Friends Are Waiting On Us!!!!

After leaving Ram's Gate Winery at the entrance to Sonoma Valley, we headed over to Napa Valley to pick up our friends, Dan and Linda and see their daughter, Lauren. They told us to come to a market in downtown that we would love it! Sure enough, we did!

Lauren, Linda, and Dan

We were starving after a long flight from DFW early that morning. They assured us there was plenty to eat and drink at this market. Upon arriving, we located them at the back of this huge building with many vendors and shops, bars and restaurants. Inside the market, was a vendor called Oxbow Cheese and Wine Merchant. Sitting at the wine bar were all three people we were looking for. We all hugged and I began to nibble on their cheese and bread they had left on their plate. Then we order a glass of rose' and wandered around the building.

2014 Chateau du Rouet ($15), a very good French rose'. As we sipped our rose', here's some of the things we saw in this market:

Five Dot Ranch and Cookhouse

Whole Spice, with anything you need to cook!

Eiko's Seafood Marketplace and Sushi Bar!

Napastak, high-end ingredients and delights!

The first thing Don ever bought me in 2009! Napa Soap named after wine!

Ca' Momi, an enoteca and certified pizzeria!

Kara's Cupcakes!

Oxbow Produce and Grocery, a full-service grocer and juice bar!
Also has bouquets of flowers!

We ended up eating outside in the back on a deck at this restaurant!

We also went to a charcuterie and bread vendor outside in another building that was fabulous! Way to go, Walbridges! We loved it! A must if you are ever in Napa (and who wouldn't want to go there, or live there as Lauren and Tyler do!) Lucky dudes!!!!