Thursday, August 6, 2015

#scribewinery Tasting Before We Find Sweet William!

One winery we had to stop by and let Dan and Linda enjoy the wines was Scribe! We had been there in 2013 with some other friends and loved it! The sign is unassuming as it sits on the ground by the dirt road. You could possibly miss this wonderful wine unless you just happened to be looking for it.

Here we are after having a sip of their fabulous wines. We are so happy to be on vacation together! This is a first for us EVER!

My favorite Scribe Chardonnay is their Estate Chardonnay ($45). And I hear they host some pretty wild parties in the old hacienda on the property with great food and wine right from their barrels. How fun would that be! Cool California summers at night, beautiful views,  great cookout and Scribe wines. Nothing gets better than that!

Now, onto our hacienda for the weekend! Sweet William!