Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Part II Schramsberg Wine Dinner-Continuing a Dream

The finalĂ© that night was phenomenal, or at least to me it was! I had never seen someone perform the trick that was about to happen after dinner. Aaron Benson, our past sommelier, was presented with a saber for his wedding gift (I believe) and with this saber he proceeded to open a bottle of sparkling wine.

The saber signifies the 50th anniversary of the winery and how lucky was Aaron to receive such a wonderful gift! The most festive way to open a bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne is to use this famed, expertly crafted knife from France's Laguiole region. Each knife is made by a single master cutler. They range in price anywhere from $169 and up.

Aaron gave the bottle one huge whack and off came the cork and part of the bottle. He gave it to me for a souvenir!

Fun night at the DCC!