Monday, March 28, 2016

Winecation in November 2015 Carmel Valley, California #hellerestate

Don and I hadn't been to this wine region since 2011, so it was a long overdue vacation. We leased a cottage in Carmel near the center of the town by the sea. Within walking distance was the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the quaint town with all its fabulous shopping opportunities, and of course, delicious food to eat. Our first evening there we ate at a European bistro in Carmel by the Sea.

Nico Ristorante Europea pic via the Internet
I chose a Greek salad with grilled salmon served on top. 

The wine was a 2013 Heller Estate Chardonnay from Carmel Valley. Heller was one of the wineries that I had planned for us to visit to Carmel, so tasting this made us really anxious to visit the tasting room.

Click on the link to read the tasting notes about this 100% Chardonnay produced at Heller Estates in the Carmel Valley. So delicious! I will talk more about Heller in the order that we visit all the wineries that weekend. I had quite a list of tasting rooms that I had researched before going just to make sure there was plenty of Cabernet Sauvignon for Don to taste. As it turned out,
Don and I were quite surprised by the wines we found that winecation!
Backyard of our Carmel VRBO

To be continued!