Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 6 Bourg to Libourne and an Onboard Wine Lecture by Sbragia #sbragiafamily

At 10:15 that morning attended another onboard wine lecture/tasting presented by the Sbragias. "Back to the Future with Home Ranch Merlot!"

Merlots an easy to please varietal, practically jumping out of the glass with aromas and flavors we all love: berries, chocolate and vanilla. We saw a glimpse into the past and into the future with different library vintages and the yet-to-be released 2013 vintage of this Merlot from the same Sbragia family-owned Home Ranch vineyard. All beautiful, delicious Merlots!

2013 Home Ranch Merlot, $32

2012 Home Ranch Merlot, $32

2007 Home Ranch Merlot, $65

2004 Home Ranch Merlot, $50

This family knows how to make wine!