Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pairing 101: Rosé All Day at Molto Formaggio, The Cheese Shop #MoltoFormaggio

My youngest daughter, Abigail and I, attended a cheese class at the end of July offered by Molto Formaggio in Highland Park Village. I had been to a couple of them where they serve foods to pair with their wines, but never a "class" where you learn how to pair the wines.

This was a class for pairing of rosés with their cheeses that were out of this world.

We arrived and took two places close to the door, took a few photos and got started on the wines. This is a fairly small shop with plenty of cheeses and wines, but not a lot of room to sit and dine. They set up small wooden trays on stands (reminds me of tv trays in the old days) and chairs pretty close to each other. But everyone makes it comfortable without getting in your space.


Notice the bottles of wine sitting so carefully within the beautiful cheeses!

This was our first wine to taste. A 2015 Commanderie de Peyrassol Rosé ($20) from Côtes de Provence. Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache make a balanced trio full of fruity flavours, nicely sharpened with a touch of Mourvèdre. This was paired with:

Abbaye Belloc (French Sheep's Milk) served with Alain Millait Raspberry Jam also from France. 

They say if it grows together, it goes together! 

A Vacherousse D' Argental (French Cow's Milk) was served over a Raincoast Crisp cranberry cracker with citrus balsamic vinegar and a bite of Lonza with Gold Rush mustard. 

Lonza-Cured pork loin

The second wine and pairing are as follows:

A 2015 Château des Antonins Rosé ($15) a Bordeaux rosé from France. I was a little put off by the color, but it turned out to be amazing. It was paired with the following cheeses and cracker:

Le Jeune Autize (French Goat's Milk)

Brebirousse (French Sheep's Milk)

Victoria Amory rosemary crackers

and coppa, a cured meat much like prosciutto.

The last of the rosé wines was a 2015 Bisson Golfo Ciliegiolo ($21) a product of Italy. When is a rosé not a rosé? i had to struggle with whether to officially classify the Ciliegiolo varietal in this category or whether to present it as a light-colored red wine with lots and lots of character. Ciliegiolo is a variety of a red grape from Italy named after the Italian for cherry. Something new I learned that night. 

Ok, it was good! Abigail bought all three rosés from our class!

So here's what that Bisson rosé was paired with.

Nevat (French Goat's Milk)

Served over an olive oil cracker with crabapple preserves.

Prosciutto di Parma

Vulto Creamery Hamden (US Cow's Milk our of New York)

Served on a Potter's Smoked Applewood cracker.

Our small bite dessert was Heritage Lemon Shortbread.

This class was so much fun and we learned so much about cheeses, crackers, jams, and meats. I will return to another class as soon as possible.

Thank you Molto Formaggio for having these classes!

After leaving the class, we decided we were still hungry and thirsty for more rosé, so we went around the corner to Bistro 31 and had my favorite!

 2015 Château de Berne Impatience  $19
Extremely pale and shiny salmon, pink rose, with a pretty iridescent shimmer. This was a great way to end the night!