Sunday, October 23, 2016

Some French Wines I Forgot!

It took two weeks and many hours to blog about our taste of Bordeaux trip to France. In doing so, I left out some of the wines we either tasted onboard the AmaDolce at the evening dinners or in one of the villages we toured. All of the foods were fabulous and beautiful as well. 

Two of our waiters that we loved were:

Michael (I called him Jamaica).

He missed his wife and family so much that he went home to the Ukraine after our cruise.

I can't remember his name. If any of my friends read this, let me know!

All of these wines were from the region that we were docked overnight. So that gave us a taste of "Bordeaux" without having to leave the ship-but who would not do that!

This is a Sbragia that Ed brought to the table one night! So yummy! Not everyone had the opportunity to taste this wine!

La Dolce Vita!