Friday, January 17, 2014

2nd Day of October Wine Vacation-#1 Winery Tasting-#M_Schlumberger

"A great experience starts with great wines!" Michel-Schlumberger Benchland Wine Estate is located on a rare piece of level ground just off Dry Creek Road at 4155 Wine Creek Road in Healdsburg, CA. This is where we began our second day of tasting wines. The winery is a mission-styled white stucco walled, terra-cotta tiled roof building nestled among 88 acres of rolling hills of prime benchland vineyards.

The winery offers several ways to taste their wines and view their property. Our group did the Estate Tasting out in the courtyard under the sun.

The buildings are so beautiful, I couldn't help but take pictures of them and the gorgeous blue skies.

Here are some of the wines we tasted. I didn't get a picture of everything. I'll list the others we tasted. They aren't in a specific order either. And let me say that this winery pulled out so many of their wines for us to taste. They were very generous!

We began with a Domaine Michel Sparkling Wine from Los Carneros. I think it is $30, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I wrote in my wine journal that I would definitely buy this!

Pictured above:
2012 La Nue Chardonnay ($28) (which is sold out now). This is a lighter Chardonnay with flavors of apricot and apple leading to a clean finish. Loved it!

There was also another Chardonnay that they called the 
2012 Gold Collection Chardonnay ($42), which I don't have a picture of either and can't find it online! :(

The second bottle in the picture is a 2011 Le Fou Pinot Noir ($35). 

Next is a 2010 La Source Syrah ($32) which is sold out now, but very good. It had rich plum and blueberry flavors-very lush in the mouth.

The last bottle in the picture, (but not the last wine we tasted) is a
2010 Faux Pas Red Wine ($40). This wine is a blend of their finest Cabernet and 50% Syrah with rich flavors of dark plum and black cherry.

We were lucky to taste their 2012 Le Flirt Rose' of Merlot ($20) which was definitely worth it! A bright, pink salmon color and perfect for the summer!

In my wine journal, I see that we also tasted:

2010 Cabernet Franc ($40)

2012 La Bise Pinot Blanc ($30)

2009 Bloque Rico ($50)

and finally a

2007 Port ($35) with chocolate. Amazing!

Visit this winery when in Healdsburg! You won't be disappointed!