Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dry Creek Vineyard-October Wine Vacation-#7 #DryCreekVnyd

I'd like to say that we tasted their wines, and arriving when the tasting room was closed was our mistake, but getting to see our family and about-to-be new friends was not. This is where our journey ended for the day, but where theirs began!

My daughter and son-in-law (on the front right side with dark jackets) had planned a weekend of exciting winery visits and private bottling for her inlaw's 25th wedding anniversary. Blessed to have been invited, we joined the group at their first winery, 
Dry Creek Vineyards. Established in 1972, this winery was the first one built in the DCV after Prohibition, the first to plant Sauvignon Blanc, and the first to introduce Sauvignon Blanc to Sonoma County. There were so many other firsts for this family giving it a long and colorful history. Please go to the website to read and appreciate for yourself the history of this wine.

The tasting room built in 1972 on an old prune orchard

Although it was our last stop on the first day of wine tasting in October, it will be our first stop when we return to Sonoma in 2014. Dry Creek Vineyards must be given the time it deserves to taste their wines and see the vision, the determination and hard work that has sailed them into the twenty-first century of winemaking.

After surfing through their website, I gathered they must have a love of sailing and are very committed to it! All their labels since the early 1980's have sailboats, sailors, or sails on them. I love the sea myself and these labels give me a sense of peace and serenity just like I get when drinking their wines. We did get to drink a 2012 Dry Chenin Blanc ($12) later that evening! Incredibly crisp and wonderfully dry with aromas of stone fruits, soft apple flavors and a zesty citrus. 

Sailing is fun, adventurous, and romantic and they say it is very much like making wine. It takes a team effort contributing their specific skills to be a success or a failure.  What a passion for sailing and winemaking they possess! And awards to prove their success are too many to list here. Just taste and see!

We can't wait to return to your winery!