Saturday, January 4, 2014

October Wine Vacation! #5 #truetthurst

Truett-Hurst Winery-Dry Creek's Newest Winery!

In case you haven't noticed after over 100 blogs, we prefer small boutique wineries. And here's the next one we found! What a gem!

We were on our way to another winery on my list for Thursday. This was the fifth winery for the day and I was pumped that we had been to almost all of the tasting rooms I wanted to visit today. I had a list of eleven tasting rooms for this trip knowing all along that I would only get to about five-six the first day if the driver and Don followed my schedule. I was extremely determined to get this done and enjoy every drink along the way!

Truett-Hurst Winery is located at 5610 Dry Creek Road in Healdsburg, CA. There are 26 very special acres they call Truett-Hurst, of which there are five acres of gardens. Included in this acreage are a picnic area, beneficial insect habitats, ducks, sheep, heirloom vegetables and fruit, and a stream with salmon and trout to enjoy. We strolled outside after the tasting, viewed their chicken coops, took in the scenery, and relaxed with a glass of wine. And by the way, all their wines are made using sustainable practices such as biodynamic farming.

But let's talk about their wines! The first wine we tasted was a 2012 Bluebird Sauvignon Blanc ($22) from the Russian River Valley. Aromas of pineapple and lime, flavors are grassy with a hint of grapefruit with a crisp finish. Very nice!

The next wine we tasted was a 2008 Salmon Run Zinfandel Rose' ($20) from the Dry Creek Valley. Delicate floral, fresh peach notes of roses, this wine is the "authentic expression of terrior". It combines the jam and spices of Dry Creek. Wonderful with fruits and cheeses.

Try the 2012 Swallowtail Chardonnay ($27) from the Russian River Valley. "Butterscotch, vanilla, ripe Gravenstein apples, honeysuckle, and apricots. Pairs with triple cream cheeses, roasted poultry and butter poached fish. Harvest Fair Gold medal winner. I love Chardonnays, and this one was a winner for me! Only about 700 cases produced. 

Or should I say to try this 2012 Black Sheep Pinot Noir ($40) from the RRV. Their wine notes say "black cherry, candied ham, ripe berries and rich" to describe this wine. It was so good. 

Don't you love their labels! Each bottle is different, according to the name of the wine. Pretty cool!
The next wine we tasted was a 2011 Old Vine Burning Man Petite Sirah ($33). You HAVE to read the story of the Burning Man. I had never heard of it, but it's quite a story and website! 

This wine smells of chocolate, so naturally I loved it right away. It has a spiciness to it that complements the chocolate in a most unusual way. Very nice.

And now to the last bottle, but the best in Don's opinion! The 2010 Hurst Family Collection Osprey Cabernet Sauvignon ($50) from Napa Valley! Love the red and gold font on the black label! Inside is pure deliciousness! "Sweet pipe tobacco, steeped black cherry, dark chocolate, power and finesse" describes this Cabernet! Only 302 cases produced.

We totally enjoyed our experience at this winery. If you are in Healdsburg, Truett-Hurst Winery is a must!

Our driver, Nick!

My Don!