Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another Other White-Chenin Blanc and Viognier

Domaine des Baumard 2009 Clos duPapillon Chenin Blanc ($38)

Don and I dine at the club about once a week and of course Aaron, our friendly sommelier, always heads for our table to suggest the latest wine he wants us to try. He always gets it right! Everytime!

Shaped like a butterfly (papillon), this small vineyard is one of the best known in Savennieres, Loire Valley, France. The wine is very rich and ripe with apricot and pear flavors and an elegant texture. I didn't link to their website. It's written in French.

Darioush Signature 2012 Napa Valley Viognier ($47)

Another white we had recently at the club was this lovely Viognier. Don was excited to see Aaron bring this bottle to the table. I believe this is the very first time for me to taste anything by Darioush. Check out their website. It is quite impressive and I hope we visit this place someday soon. Taken from another website this wine has "aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine and citrus fruit, introducing a vibrant and succulent mouthfeel of juicy peach and cantaloupe balanced by the bright acidity of Fuji apple and lemon zest. The 2012 Viognier finishes with lingering notes of dried apricot, nutmeg and vanilla bean."

Thank you Aaron! You did it again!