Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sharing Chardonnays!

The last two times Don and I have been to Rex's Seafood on Lovers Lane, we've tasted a new Chardonnay. The restaurant always features two or three new wines we've never heard of. So of course, I want to try them. Here's what we had recently!

2012 Gavilan Chardonnay ($17) from the oldest vineyard in Monterrey County, bottled in Sonoma, CA. It has a citrus-pineapple aroma, combined with luscious pear flavors, crisp acidity and a long, elegant finish. Very nice!

2012 Neil Ellis Sincerely Chardonnay ($12) from the Republic of South Africa. If you're a fan of no oak, then Sincerely is for you. It's wonderfully clean and crisp with plenty of lemon and lime citrus and green apple. It has a good length of flavor in the finish.

Enjoy these Chardonnays soon!