Tuesday, June 14, 2016

National Rosé Day-June 11, 2016 But We Can Have Them Everyday!!!!!

I hope everyone enjoys a great Rosé especially on a day like today in hot and muggy Dallas! Those ballet slipper pink cold drinks that I love! I have so many to share with you so here goes! These are not in any specific order, but how I found them in my photos!

2014 Gris Blanc by Gérard Bertrand (under $20) from the South of France

 2015 Julia's Dazzling Rosé $15 from Walla Walla, Washington
Gérard Bertrand Coté de Rosés $18-the most beautiful bottle in the world with a rose bottom and a glass cork!
2014 Domaine La Colombe Rosé $12 France
Gérard Bertrand Crémant De Limoux Rosé $18 from France

2015 AIX Rosé $20 from France

Can you tell I love French rosés?