Sunday, June 19, 2016

Talbotts Vineyards in Carmel by the Sea! #talbottvineyard

This was our next stop that day, not too far from any other tasting room on Carmel Valley Road. We had tasted this wine before, but not this year's vintage from the tasting room. They had quite a lot to taste. There were so many Chardonnays, you had to be very careful as you tasted as to which ones you liked the best. So here they are:

2014 Logan Sleepy Hollow Chardonnays $27
2013 Kali Hart Chardonnay $20
2013 and 2012 Sleepy Hollow Chardonnays
The 2013 is $42. No price on the 2012. 
2012 Sarah Case Chardonnay $52 (2013)
2013 and 2012 Diamond T Chardonnays ($52 for the 2013)

2013 Kali Hart Pinor $21and 2014 Logan Pinot Noir $27

2013 Sarah Case Pinot Noir $75 and 2013 Sleepy Hollow Pinot Noir  $42

2013 RFT Diamond T Vineyard Pinot Noir $75 and 2013 Diamond T Vineyard Pinot Noir $52
Very nice wines, but a lot to take in at one time! We did purchase though! Some of their wines can be located in our area. Check them out! Enjoy!