Saturday, October 12, 2013

Remembering Our Wine Dinner at #jimmysfoodstore #dallas

I get regular emails from Jimmy's Food Store located at Bryan and Fitzhugh letting me know of events such as wine dinners. This is one mailing list you should be on because these monthly wine dinners are so much fun and the food is amazing. 

We went to one of these dinners about a year ago and had the best time. Upon arrival, you check in and as soon as everyone else has, you shuffle to the back room behind the meat counters. This room makes you feel as though you are in an Italian bistro somewhere back in time. Tables are dressed with dishes and wine glasses galore. Foods such as cheeses and meats, fruits and olives, along with unique crackers and breads are in the center of the tables. Wines are sitting around the room and you hear someone speaking in Italian, which is probably the visiting winemaker.

Introductions are made and the tastings begin! No one at the tables knows who they are sitting with unless you brought another couple with you. In our case, we knew no one. But as the night goes by, you become fast friends.

Il Feuduccio  Winery was the guest winery for that evening. What a story they told about  the vineyards and living on family tradition and innovation. Their website can give you more information plus there's a gallery of photos of this beautiful estate.

One of the wines we tasted was a Pecorino made from that grape which is an ancient grape dating back before the 1800's. It is a white grape producing a light straw yellow color wine with aromas of green apple, lime, flowers, melon and mint. It tasted of ripe fruits and honey.

The bottle on your right is a Montepulciano D' Abruzzo Fonte Venna. This is the winery's calling card wine, the one you meet first! Venna is a stream that runs through the appellation providing local farmers sustenance for centuries. "This wine is an intense ruby color, with an elegant and fruity bouquet. It has spiciness and good body on the palate."

Another wine we tasted that night was a Cerasuolo D' Abruzzo. This wine is their first rose' and it was excellent. As you can see the bottle is empty! The color was a cherry red, the aroma pleasing fine, fruity and intense, the taste was dry, pleasing with a pleasant almond finish. I love almonds!

Here's the bottle of wine we won that night and some pretty happy people! By the way, these wines were very reasonable ($-20's).

Enjoy your wines tonight, whatever they may be!