Tuesday, February 11, 2014

October Winecation Day 4-The Bottling at Moondance Cellars, Sonoma, CA

Gasconade Landing
Special Cuvee'

On our fourth day of the winecation, we bottled one very unique red wine made of organic certified Dry Creek Merlot and Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. The name above is a place known only to those who have been there. It's located in the hills and mountains of Missouri and belongs to one special couple who had just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. My daughter and her husband had planned this wonderful weekend of wine tasting and bottling in their honor, and we were their guests along with three other couples.

What fun we had during the actual bottling of the wine, eating gourmet foods prepared on site, drinking the wine, listening to music from some local people, and reminiscing of the times we had been there before to bottle wine with other groups.

Here are several pictures from the day that says it all!
This is where we begin to fill the bottles with wine after the argon gas.
The corker!
The foiler!
The labeler (done by hand by the way)!
Freshly made sushi along with Dave, the owner of Moondance Cellars.
The live music played by very talented musicians, one of which played in the same band as Van Morrison called The Great Eight.

Our glasses filled with a sparkling wine to toast the happy couple!

My daughters-Natalie on my right and Abigail on my left!

Priscilla Cohen, the wife and owner of Moondance Cellars!

The happy couple!

 The night didn't end there though! We had one other special event to celebrate on October 13. My son-in-law's birthday was also that day!

We found the perfect birthday hat, wine glasses, and chocolate cake for his special day too!