Monday, September 14, 2015

Barnett Vineyards-Our First Winery on Saturday! #BarnettVineyard

Saturday Wine Tasting-No Driver! 

Saturday morning of our Sonoma vacation, Lauren and Tyler Flanigan, Linda's daughter and son-in-law, drove over the mountains and through the woods to spend the day with us wine tasting. So with three couples, we figured we could make it without a driver. Someone would have to be responsible! 

We headed for Napa by way of Spring Mountain, making our way to the first tasting, Barnett Vineyards. It was a beautiful drive up the mountain and more so when we arrived.

This was our view while tasting Barnett wines, which we have had before at the DCC, but this experience was worth the drive. It's one thing to taste wine and then it's another thing to taste wine in the vineyard where the grapes were grown, harvested, fermented, bottled and opened for guests!

We sat down at our choice of tables as no one else was there. This was a private, by appointment only wine tasting, so we got lots of attention and wine!

Lauren and Tyler taking in the view!
The wines we tasted were fabulous as expected and here they are!

 As you can see this bottle of 2014 Sauvignon Blanc ($28, not currently available) was empty, but not by us! This delicious wine has "loads of honeysuckle and limeade that dominate the nose of this pale straw shaded wine. Aromas of kiwi and gooseberry fruit complement the range of citrus elements. The wine is round and mouth filling, with fresh melon, green apple and grapefruit on the palette. The acidity is bright, but balanced, and a long finish of candied lime and melon linger on the finish. This is a wine meant to be chilled and enjoyed in its youth." 

The 2013 Chardonnay Savoy Vineyard ($42) "brings out some big pear, red apple and blooming tulips on the nose. Lemon custard, white pepper and soapstone minerality are also present. The palette begins with a soft lushness, and continues with flavors of caramel apple, cinnamon toast and limeade. There is some very firm acidity on this wine, which lends itself to age. Bright and fresher in its youth, it will develop some wonderful elements over the next 5-6 years (2018-2019)."

2013 Pinot Noir Savoy Vineyard Anderson Valley ($55) "This dark ruby Pinot is layered in complexity. Fresh concentrated black cherry is matched by red currant. Jasmine, cinnamon, vanilla and licorice complement the fruit. Soft lushness starts the palette off; continuing is more vivacious red fruit as well as pepper spice and pencil lead. The tannins are structured this year, with moderate acid. This complex wine will only develop more layers over the next 7-8 years (2020-2021)."

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Spring Mountain District ($75)was phenomenal!  This Cabernet "jumps from the glass. Immense amounts of aromatics are extremely prevalent upon pouring. Giant amounts of blackberry, ripe fig, violet perfume and plum are surrounded by creamed coffee, cedar and allspice. The mouth feel is velvety, and rich. Black currants, mocha and pepper flavors take over on the palate. The tannins are definitely present in a round chalkier form, where very firm mountain acidity aids to balance them out. Although extremely aromatic already, this stunning wine will age beautifully over the next 14-15 years."

The highlight of our tasting was getting to tour the cave where the wine is stored.

Inside the cave is so cold!

Outside the cave where the tasting took place.

We were supposed to eat a picnic lunch here, but we failed to get it together the night before. So we headed into St. Helena to look for a place to eat. Thank you Lauren for choosing our eatery! Next blog will tell about Giugni's!