Monday, September 7, 2015

#kamenwines The Best Wine Tasting Ever!

Our third tasting for the day took us to a tasting room in Sonoma, but that is only where it began. As soon as we made the introductions and looked around the tasting room, Juliette (the hospitality ambassador) locked the door, and jumped in the SUV with all of us, and we headed to the most beautiful outdoor vineyard tasting I've ever experienced.

We had quite a way to travel up into the Southern Mayacamas to the vineyard where one can see beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay.

It was a rugged road, but John, our driver, forged on until we came to a hilltop overlooking the vineyards of Kamen Wines. Nestled underneath some trees was a picnic table and chairs. 

Juliette set up the most scrumptious plate of cheeses and fruits! John got his guitar out and settled into a nice place to entertain us. We took many pics before even tasting the most delicious wines ever!

Our first taste of wine was their 2014 Sauvignon Blanc ($45). Only 480 cases produced, this wine exploded in my mouth with flavors that were balanced and vibrant. Beautiful bottle of wine!

Next was a 2012 Grenache ($75) that I couldn't stop drinking! It was the best Grenache I have ever had! Only 80 cases were produced. It was so velvety going down and had such a long lasting finish. Amazing!!!! I forgot to take a photo, so my blogger friend, Linda, will have several! 

This is our driver, John Burdick, serenading us while we taste and visit with Juliette. AND, guess who comes up the road in his little car, but the owner himself, Robert Mark Kamen! He sat with us for about an hour, drinking and telling us of his daily life and his upcoming screenplay he's working on now. Click on his name and read all of the movies he's written. You've probably seen most of them!

The next two wines we tasted were a 2012 Syrah ($75) and a 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon ($80), of which Kamen produced 2000 cases. Both these wines were divine and worthy of buying as many as you could afford! 

We had a wonderful time at Kamen Vineyards with Robert, Juliette, and our friends, Dan and Linda Walbridge. This is a private and by appointment only tasting, so plan ahead of time before going out to CA!

 We headed back to the tasting room in Sonoma, bought some black t-shirts with some famous sayings from Robert's screenplays. On the wall of this tasting room are prints of some of the sayings. We bought "I will find you, I will kill you" from Taken, my favorite movie ever! Don bought Cullum "Never open the package" from The Transporter.

My t-shirt
Pic of the tasting room
Last, but not least, is a shot of the wines signed by Robert Kamen displayed in the tasting room!

Thank you Robert Kamen and Juliette for spending time with us in the vineyard! It was an experience we'll never forget!