Thursday, September 17, 2015

Giugni's Deli in St. Helena, California

The best sandwich deli I have ever eaten in is right downtown St. Helena in Napa Valley. It's cash only and there aren't very many places to sit, but that's okay because the food is amazing!

You tell them everything you want on your sandwich from the small sheet menu. There are 30 meats, 20 cheeses, and 9 different bread/rolls to choose from. If you don't want a sandwich, there are other fresh made foods in the cases from which to choose.

The deli is cozy and packed with drinks, chips, candy, meats hanging in the ceiling and walls are covered with old signs and photos people have stapled to the walls.

We enjoyed our quick lunch, shopped around the town for a short time, and drove on to our next winery, Frog's Leap! Ribbit, ribbit!

Dan and Linda trying to decide what they want to eat!