Thursday, July 7, 2016

Carmel Valley-Last But Not Least By Any Means! Parsonage Village Vineyard #parsonagewine

As you can tell, it was getting late in the afternoon, but this was our last stop for the day! This tasting room was on our list of places to visit. We were the only customers in the room and we tasted every one of their wines. The girl just kept opening them and we kept tasting. By the way, the labels are gorgeous and are replicas of Mary Parsonage's quilts she makes by hand! Check them out!

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon (not a current release)
2011 Bixby Reserve Petit Verdot (2012 vintage $50)
2011 Dario Reserve Merlot (2012 vintage 
2013 Xandro Reserve Red Wine $80
2012 Tanner Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $80

A cute sign I saw in the tasting room!

All of their wines are delicious! Hope you can find them in Dallas!