Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mother's Day 2016 DCC

Mother's Day this year took us to the Dallas Country Club, my favorite place to hangout on a lazy day like this. We had already attended church the night before, which left us an open spot to attend the feasts of all feasts at the club. We had a 10:00 reservation for brunch for Don's stepmom and me.

I think we were the first people to arrive because later there wouldn't be a photo like this! I didn't take photos of the buffet. This page would be too long. Here is the wine we had, which was a surprise to us all.

2014 Sonoma-Cutrer, exclusive to Dallas Country Club $100
This Private Select is a single barrel chosen for its exquisite Les Pierres fruit characteristics. This exclusive wine is specially crafted by their winemakers to express the distinctive qualities of unfined, unfiltered Chardonnay that captures the essence of Sonoma-Cutrer. 

The food and beverage director/general manager of the club, Marc Moulinet, gave it to us at the buffet to try for a "Mother's Day" gift! Sweet! And it was a wonderful pairing with our meal. Thank you DCC for purchasing this private select Chardonnay for the club. We really appreciate the choice you made!

Peonies at our house!