Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rancho Loma in Talpa, Texas

In the middle of nowhere, there is a secret getaway from the Metroplex that I found out about in a travel magazine that we get twice a year! I thought it would be a fun surprise for Don's birthday and our anniversary to take a short weekend trip. So this past February 14 we drove west to Coleman, Texas. About three miles out of this tiny town we arrived at

As I recall there are only five rooms, one being a king. That would be the one on the end where all the narrow rectangular windows are. The owners are Robert and Laurie. He was a photographer in Dallas, and she was the chef when we were there. That was her last weekend to prepare meals for the guests. They now have a chef.

The kitchen where the fabulous food is prepared for the small group of people. They are always booked either for dinner or overnight guests. So call way ahead to get a reservation.

The rooms are small, simple, sleek, and clean. 

The "restaurant" on the property!

The pool out back of the house above!

Thank you to these birds we had amazing eggs the next morning!

We brought our own wine, but Robert let us try this Texas Zinfandel!

We enjoyed our time away from the city and work!