Monday, July 4, 2016

Holman Ranch #HolmanRanch

The next tasting room of the six in this little tasting village was Holman Ranch!
We tasting from their tasting menu, which Don usually doesn't do. He prefers to create his own customized tasting menu according to what we like! 

Just a shot of the rack of wines!
A nice 2013 Estate Grown Virgin Chardonnay $23 and unoaked! Yum!
A great 2011 Estate Grown Pinot Noir Hunter's Cuvée $41
Three amazing Pinot Noirs!

2011 Heather's Hill (2012 vintage $36)
2012 Kelly's Press (2013 vintage $26)
2011 Pinot Noir (2012 vintage $35)

It must be a good selling wine because they are out of nearly everything we tasted! Sorry to say it was not on my original list, but will be from now on!