Monday, October 26, 2015

#EducatedGuessWn Roots Run Deep Winery in Napa!

This past summer we moved up near Belt Line to be near Cullum's school for his last two years at RISD. So we've been dining at some old places we used to dine when Don lived up in Addison. Chamberlain's is one of my favorite up north of HP/UP that I like for seafood. While I was on a very restricted diet for swimsuit season, I was still able to eat salmon, asparagus, and taste Don's wine.

This wine label says it all! Very interesting way they came up with the name of this wine. Below you will see that this a blend of many grapes, but mostly a Cabernet Sauvignon and that is why Don chose it as a glass of house wine for the evening. Very good wine!

The website says they are working on a location to have visitors, but right now the property is not permitted for tours and tastings.

Their other wine is called Hypothesis. Check it out here! It's produced by a BRAND new way of winemaking called FLASH DENTENTE. Well, I've never heard of it. It was used in France in the 1990's and only introduced in America in 2009. An interesting read for those that love wine and how it's produced.

Otherwise, just make an educated guess!
I'm done with the diet!