Monday, October 5, 2015

NYC Wine and More Rose'

Rose' in France, rosado in Portugal or Spanish-speaking countries, or rosato in Italy-whatever you prefer to call it, is the wine of the summer for my oldest daughter and her husband. While in NYC, we tried several rose's when we dined.

Rose's can be produced in a variety of ways with the most common method being the early pressing of the red grape varieties after a very short period, usually 12-14 hours after skin contact called maceration.

The color of the wine definitely influences consumer's choice of the rose's they purchase. In blind tastings, the lighter rose's have always been the preferred choice. 

2014 Domaine de la Noblaie Chinon ($15) produced from the young vines of Cabernet Franc. It has a clear and smooth pink color and has a lovely fresh and very fruity taste. 

2014 Santi Infinito Rose' ($12), a product of Italia. This rose' is a deep pink color with red tints, but very zesty and savory with a fresh fruity taste.

2014 Laurent Miquel Pere de Fils ($9) A Cinsault Syrah with a pale strawberry color, wonderfully fresh red berries aroma, smooth on the palate, a good dose of acidity that leads to a lovely finish.

2014 Chateau La Gordonne La Chapelle Gordonne Rose' Tete de Cuvee ($28) A light pink with hints of peach, light shines through it to give it a radiant glow. Fresh fruits and floral notes of roses and violets.

Cotes de Provence CoRail de Roquefort Rose' ($16) both smooth and beautifully fruity, a blend of six different grape varitials which probably leads to its pale orange color.

Room too dark to see the color!

2014 Villa Des Anges Old Vines Rose' ($12) an amazing value for a dry, French rose' made of 100% Cinsault, intensely crisp and vividly fresh. 

Dark blue bottle

The last rose' is a 2014 Clos Beylesse ($26), a wonderfully pale, dry, rich in flowery bouquet and elegant wine.

If I've left some out, so sorry! This though, is enough to have you running to your local wine stop and get on board with the most underrated wine. Some people think it's not a notable wine, but there are amazing rose's out there as well as any other varietal of wine! Enjoy!