Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kitchen LTO #KitchenLTO DeLoach Wines #DeLoach_Wines

Don's Vistage group (CEO's) had their annual retreat in April, which is usually out of town, but this year it was held in Big D in Trinity Groves. The retreat culminated with a dinner at Kitchen LTO right around the corner from Kate Weiser Chocolates! It was a blustery night, with severe storms looming over the region, and we left as soon as we finished eating.

Kitchen LTO is a permanent pop-up restaurant that reinvents itself twice a year. Two up-and-coming chefs and artists get to have a home in the restaurant for six months. So essentially a new restaurant is born two times a year. This means that there is a new menu concept and new art on the walls. The featured chef and artist now until December 31 is Chef Anastacia Quinones and Artist Crimson Shults. Check out the menu and all the information about the chef and artist on the link above. It's a cool concept!

For my wine choice of the night, I chose a 2013 La Reine Chardonnay ($17) from DeLoach Vineyards in California. This wine is a blend from three world-renowned appellations. Monterrey grapes give this full-bodied Chardonnay its dense fruit flavors, Sonoma County contributes to its luscious mouthfeel and texture, while Mendocino County adds brightness and add a long lingering finish.

Enjoy this California Chardonnay!

Kitchen LTO