Monday, October 19, 2015

Other Rose's We've Had This Past Summer!

There are so many roses' we've tasted this summer! While they are still on my mind and before it gets really cold for some of you, I wanted to share them!

Forgot to take a pic of the wine actually in the bottle!
2013 Skin Deep, Vin De Pays Des Cotes Catalanes ($16), a product of France, bottled by Dept. 66, Maury, France. This rose' is imported by Orin Swift Cellars in Sausalito, CA. I had this in Beaumont with my youngest daughter, Abigail and her husband, Daniel. He had picked it up at the local supermarket as a surprise for Abs and me. We liked it, but after reading reviews about it, some people say it is high in alcohol, so purchase at your own risk. So it's 15.7% as opposed to the usual 13.5 or 14%?! If you don't drink the whole bottle, then you're good, right?! We thought it was great!!!!

Chemin des Sables 2014 La Cote Revee ($10) light in color with a salted melon finish, not sweet but dry. Very delightful! The quintessential French rose' the people in Specs told me as I was looking at the bottle!

Sorry! Another empty bottle!

2014 Miraval ($22) produced at Chateau Miraval owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It received rave reviews from wine critics. Wine Spectator named their first vintage in 2013 in the top 100 wines of that year. 
The retailer describes it as an 'intriguing pale pink rose with strawberry, white pear and floral aromas' with summer berry, wild herb and tangy tangerine flavours balanced by a refreshing acidity.' 

2014 Jolie Folle ($18) Vin de Pays de Mediterranee Rose A liter of rose from the Provence region in southern France. Do you you really need anything else during the spring and summer months? Light, zesty and classic, this is quintessential rose from Provence but with the added bonus of more volume and less drain on your pocket. The grapes for this wine are picked at night to maximize freshness and purity of fruit. The result is a gorgeous wine that is bursting with lush red fruits, tangy spice and a dash of minerality.

2014 Borsao Rose' ($10) "Red luminescent color with warm glows. Has a strong aroma of berries and sweets. Very young and fresh in the mouth, well balanced with its acidity, rich in floral nuances and spices."
I was afraid to try it, but found it to my liking. Very nice rose' from Spain! Garnacha seems to be perfect for rosé. This is a very good wine ... fairly complex, not sweet, just really good.

2014 Vin Gris of Pinot Noir, ($28)  Robert Sinskey Vineyards, Los Carneros grown, produced and bottled in Napa, CA. A dry and aromatic rose' from whole cluster pressed organic Pinot Noir grapes. 

Until next time, enjoy your rose's!