Monday, March 3, 2014

Classic Wine Storage #classwineguy Fun Times for AHA Volunteers! #AHA_Dallas

Saturday morning I raced up to Addison in my warmest clothes, or so I thought, to Classic Wine Storage & Services to help volunteers unpack, label, and repack wine that has been donated for the American Heart Association's Wild at Heart Gala! The day was going to be the warmest we've had in Dallas lately, and little did I know that the next day would be the coldest day ever in March!

Speaking of cold, this wine storage of course is kept at a constant 53 degrees, so all the volunteers had their coats, scarves, vests, boots, ski clothing in some cases, on for the few hours it would take to manage hundreds of bottles of wine. Gloves were impossible to wear due to the chance of dropping these expensive bottles of wine! So as a result my hands were red and my nose running the whole time!

All of the wines were boxed and numbered as to the type of wines, such as Big Bottles, Auction, etc. All of these boxes had to be opened and searched for specific bottles in a group, labeled with a number, and reboxed and labeled. I then learned that all this wine has to be taken to the hotel where the event will take place on the day OF the event, unpacked, rechecked to make sure it is in the right grouping, and set out on the beautifully draped tables ready for the auction that night! I'm sure there's something I'm leaving out since this is my first time to do all of this.

The small picture of wine doesn't even come close to how much wine we handle that day in a six hour period. I was so busy looking for the wine my group was in charge of that I couldn't take all the pictures I really wanted.

I did snap a few pics of some of the bottles of wine that the three of us were managing. It looks as though there will be some pretty amazing wines at this auction to help raise money for cardiovascular disease and stroke. 

This event, Wild at Heart, promises to be a safari-inspired evening, so you party animals, get ready to go wild!

The Cotes du Coeur "Wild at Heart" wine auction will be held March 22, at the Hilton Anatole on North Stemmons Freeway. 

Some of the featured wineries are Wrath, Sequoia Grove, Schweiger Vineyards, Surh Luchtel, Jordan, Hall, and Hill Family Estates just to name a few of over 30 wineries.

There were donations of wine from all over the United States. I handle a lot of wines from Oregon, some from Connecticut, and of course Napa Valley, California.

Sixteen famous chefs from all over Dallas will be there will their amazing foods. I enjoyed last year's menu and I'm sure this year won't disappoint anyone! Chefs like Richard Chamberlain, Garth Blackburn, Eric Brandt, Dean Fearing, and Kent Rathbun just to name a few of the fabulous chefs that will be at the gala.

There are many events that lead up to the Cotes du Coeur event. The team of Dallas people that oversee these events are incredible people with a passion for  raising money to save lives. I have enjoyed the little volunteering that I have been able to be a part of this past fall and winter.

Go to the Cotes du Coeur website and view all of the events, learn all about what it means to be a part of this worthy cause, and maybe feel led to be a part of something that can change a lot of lives.

Unleash your heart and become part of the Cotes du Coeur!