Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paso Robles Getaway Winery #4 Jack Creek Cellars #JackCreekWines

 Jack Creek Cellars is another gem we found that beautiful day in October 2013.  With careful research before arriving to the Paso Robles region, we knew exactly what we wanted to taste. This is a very small, family owned winery in Templeton, CA. The staff was very nice, even letting us go back where they were about to bottle some wine. We met the winemaker when we were leaving. Turns out he is an AGGIE like my oldest daughter!

 Here's what we tasted and bought at Jack Creek Cellars!

2010 Estate Chardonnay ($36) No malo-lactic fermentation and very little oak make this a fantastic Chardonnay!

2012 "Glow" Rose' ($22) This is made of Syrah and Grenache and is a beautiful salmon color. Very clean and fresh for summer!

 2010 Grenache ($40) This is a dense wine to be paired with hearty dishes. We loved this Grenache.

 2010 Syrah ($42) This wine I fell in love with and bought it! It reminded me of blackberries which I have been buying by the loads! They call this an elegant wine! I call it awesome!

Got a chance to go to Paso Robles? Put this tasting room on your list of must-do!