Sunday, March 9, 2014

Duckhorn Tasting at DCC #duckhornwine #goldeneyewine #migrationwine #paraduxxwine #decoywine

What an exciting event at DCC Thursday night at the Duckhorn Vineyards tasting. After we tasted their wines, and mingled with the crowd of members and guests in the tent, the cold temperatures went unnoticed! Good job Aaron Benson, the sommelier at the Dallas Country Club, for planning a fun event and I might say, it was free! I should say thank you to Duckhorn and their collaboration with the other winemakers that we met last night. They were all very kind and willing to pour whatever you wanted to taste. Huge platters of cheeses, fruits, and crackers were provided by the club and I was so thankful!

The first tasting outside of the tent was a Decoy Sauvignon Blanc 2012 ($17) from the winemaker Don LaBorde. A very nice, crisp wine! 

The rest of the wines were at each end under the enclosed clear tent right outside the steps that lead up to the bar. So it was your choice as to what you wanted to taste next. I went for the Goldeneye Pinot Noir 2010  ($57). Michael Fay, the winemaker, was there to talk about his wines that grow in one of the world's preeminent locations for growing Pinot Noir.
The next wine I tasted was a Duckhorn Merlot Three Palms Vineyards 2011 ($100).It's not available until April 15th for ordering. But lucky us! We got to taste it and it was fabulous! The link is to the 2010 Merlot, which is sold out, but you can get an idea of what a great vintage it was and the awards it has won.

I went outside the tent because I heard there was another winemaker to meet,  Neil Bernardi of Migration with a spectacular 2012 Chardonnay ($35)! I'm always looking for a great Chardonnay that isn't buttery or creamy and this is one! I loved it!
 I also tried a Duckhorn Discussion Red 2010 ($150) which was very nice. It is a red blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Petit Verdot I think. It was one I would buy! I don't have a link to it on their website-They have a 2008 and 2009 that are sold out.

Paraduxx Z Blend 2010 ($57) is another wine I tasted last night. I loved  the blend of Zinfandel and Cabernet!
Speaking of a "pair of ducks", one of the winemaker's had little boxes of chocolate ducks sitting by their wine, which was so good with any of the red wines I tasted! It was too dark to get a good shot of the ducks and I ate them right away, so they didn't stand a chance!

Thank you Duckhorn Wine Company for serving the best wines!