Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Luigi's, Bakersfield's Oldest Continuous Family Operated Business! Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc

Luigi's Restaurant and Delicatessen

I can't leave Bakersfield, CA without mentioning this great restaurant located on 19th Street! It seems this is the place to be on a Saturday night after reading reviews about it, which were quite funny to me. I know this town isn't known for its great restaurants, but geez, there has to be someplace to eat and this is it! My daughter took me here one day for lunch and we thoroughly enjoyed the time together. It was packed and our service was excellent. We ate on the patio out back of the restaurant and one would think they weren't in Bakersfield, but maybe in a quaint Italian village somewhere across the pond. 

Recently, one of my daughter's friends brought us dinner from here and it was outstanding. Lasagna, bread, wine, cookies, etc. in their cute canvas bag!

We had some wonderful wine while we dined there and then went next door to their buy some food and wine for dinner from their market, Lemucchi's Grocery. 

 Pastas prepared and ready to cook!

The deli counter with many gourmet gifts from which to choose.

Fun pottery, candy, oils, and unique gifts!

Many choices of tomato sauces!

Any kinds of dried beans you need!

 And of course, olives of all kinds!

We checked out their wine fridge and found the one we had on the patio and another one to buy also!

This is a Bastianich Adriatico Pinot Grigio. I included a link to the website. No price was given, but I can't believe it was very much. It is a really good Pinot, one I would recommend for Pinot Grigio lovers. Hints of ripe apples and pear in this round and full-bodied wine!

This 2011 Ca'Momi Sauvignon Blanc ($9) is from Napa Valley. It's refreshing with intense aromas of grapefruit, lavender, and peach. It has a tangerine and cantaloupe finish. The watercolor house on the label is really their house (the owners of the winery) in Veneto, Italy.

Well, Bakersfield may not be the shopping mecca of California or a foodie hangout, but it does have part of my heart for many reasons!

Enjoy Luigi's the next time you travel to the Golden State!