Friday, March 28, 2014

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Don and I decided to attend for the first time the 10th anniversary of Savor Dallas this past weekend. I thought for sure he had been to this before since he's from Dallas. But to my surprise, he hadn't and I sure hadn't, so we went! It was held at the Dallas Convention Center and was sponsored mainly by the Dallas Morning News and Kroger. 

Word of advice to you, if you go next year, it is not a dressy occasion. It would describe it as business casual. I wore an ombre lace dress and heels, which killed my feet. Live and learn, but I dressed as the website suggested for dining at a nice restaurant! They must not know where some people eat in this city!

When we arrived, they gave us wrist bands to wear and plastic plates that could hold the wine glass given to us. Pretty handy because it is really hard to eat, drink, take pictures, etc. without something like that.

As we entered the event, we found a small auction of wines, spirits, and other interesting items such as a bike, picnic baskets, college classes for a day, and books. 

Don bid on a few items and we ended up winning a double magnum, 3L of a 2007 Bernardus Marinus, which is a Bordeaux style-red blend wine. We had been to their winery and lodge back in 2010. So we knew this wine would be fantastic. Of course, throughout the night we would return to see if we had been outbid, and sure enough, we had so he upped the bid and finally won.

This is just a small glimpse of the tables set up everywhere with food, wines, spirits, and beer. All of the food was great and the wines were fun to taste. 

We had cheeses from Scardello's!

Tacos from Velvet Taco!

An arepa from Mexican Sugar in Plano!

And the most amazing potato soup from Grace in Fort Worth! Yes, it's in an egg! I was skeptical at first, so I made Don try it first. 

Then I headed for the desserts! I had gorgeous and scrumptious truffles from Kate Weiser Chocolate.

Sacher Torte from La Madeleine.

And since it was so late, we grabbed breakfast from Crossroads Diner on Walnut Hill Lane. You could smell their delicious brioche french toast with fresh whipped cream when you entered the lobby.

There were others foods we tried, but my camera battery died and my phone had 1% battery left on it.

Needless to say, we had a great time at Savor Dallas! Can't wait until next year!