Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bordeaux-The World's Main Wine Fair-Vinexpo

After the Hundred Years' War, Bordeaux fell under French rule, but it was not until the 18th century that peace returned, and Bordeaux once again experienced a golden age of prosperity. After the discovery of the New World, Bordeaux took advantage of its Atlantic position to diversify and extend its wine market. Today the Bordeaux region produces over 44 million cases of wine per year. The world's main wine fair, Vinexpo, is held in the city every other year.
This past May it was in Hong Kong.

I previously mentioned that we saw the opera house, the clock in the square, and the public train that runs through the square. Grand Hotel de Bordeaux is also in this golden triangle also known as the, "quartier des Grands Hommes." This "5 Star" Hotel has been in existence for 230 years, born under the sign of excellence with quite a luxurious rich past and a more majestic future.
We roamed around inside and it was elegantly gorgeous with its Corinthian style colonnade and excessive interiors of marble, gold and velvets.  

We ate lunch in the lobby restaurant, which had outdoor seating. The people watching was phenomenal. 

nighttime view of the restaurant

I had classic beef tartare with hand cut fries and salad. It was my first time to have this and the thought of eating raw meat scared me a little, but not too much. I trusted this restaurant to prepare it properly and they did! It was delicious!

Don had Pea's cold soup, smoked salmon and cream.

2007 Château Rahoul $22-Don, of course!

Domaine de La Croix Éloge, Cotes de Provence Cru Classé-Vickie, rosé all day!