Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 9 April 21 Bordeaux-City Tour and Time Alone

Don and I chose not to go on the bus tour today, but to take out on our own and see the capital of the Aquitaine, the largest and lively city of Bordeaux.

Aquitaine was a traditional region of France and is located in the southwestern part of France along the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees Mountain range on the border with Spain. So this was where we were this whole time. It's really hard to understand a country foreign to ours. They don't have states like us and I was totally confused the whole time.

Our goal today was to find a place that would ship our 10 bottles of wine that we had collected along the way (and buy two more to make it a full case). This was very difficult because we got lots of no's and only one yes! It took about a month to get it back in the states and we were worried sick that we would never see our wine again. We finally found a place that would ship it-we think!

This is a popular wine store on the square that is dramatically designed inside, with a winding staircase that is about four floors with wine along all the walls.

 The net above the check out counter protects the people working there in case someone drops a bottle of wine! Ouch!

By the way, they would ship their wine to the states if you bought from them, but not someone else's wine.

Here are some beautiful sights we saw in Bordeaux.

the opera house

a place to get more Euros

typical outdoor bistro

the town square clock

gorgeous doors everywhere in France

Don found a cigar shop.

I found lots of inexpensive Rosés!

more Rosés

a patisserie for pain au chocolat

More to come about Bordeaux! This is just the beginning!