Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day 8 Cruising Day-Creon Bastide and Morning Market Tour

Today was a castle day. We had the opportunity to visit some of the famed chateaux around Libourne and see a Bastide town with its typical market that has existed since 1315. Aquitaine was the focus of rivalry between the Kings of France and the Kings of England. Each to ensure the loyalty of the local people, built the Bastide "new towns". Croon is one of the eight Bastide towns of the Gironde. The traditional Wednesday morning market, still stands on the central square surrounded by shops, artisans and covered arcades.

We began the excursion on our luxury buses. You can see the driver and the redheaded French guide in the rearview mirror. Notice the St. Germain sign? My favorite liquer, thanks to Natalie introducing it to me.


Some sights along the way to the market. We purchased a Petrus scarf in Bordeaux. Most famous place for scarfs and throws!

We made it to the Creon Bastide Market and the tour guide had set up several tastings of cheese, bread, meat, and chocolats for us.

 There are many photos, so be patient. They are worth seeing. I won't add to many words.

flowers for sale

fresh green artichokes

a variety of hens

colorful bunnies

beautiful spices and herbs

First tasting of forage-there's Anne in the blue blouse!

I went in the fromagerie and the aroma was so pungent, I had to leave immediately! More cheese below!

Our tasting of all kinds of sausages, etc.

Our tour guide given even more for us to taste!

And last, our breads! Everything we tasted was fabulous!

Fun morning at the Creon Bastide and Market Tour!