Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 7 continued-Château de Pressac, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classe

Our group of 140ish guests onboard the AmaDolce was always split up into two four groups, rotating to the different chateau tastings and panoramic tours. We were taken to Château de Pressac in the afternoon of our Saint-Émilion excursion. 

This estate  was built in the early 1400's and used as a fortress. At the end of the Hundred Years War, the treaty was signed here. At that time, it was a castle, complete with a moat and a drawbridge. As a working vineyard, the estate dates back to 1737.

Walking up to the home where the owners live. Of course, we didn't enter those doors.

Our tour guide explaining about the vinification in the 10 large cement vats.

Every vineyard has a wine dog, right! This one kept on sleeping while we walked all around him.

Getting ready to taste their luscious wines! There's Anne again!

This château produces two wines:

Château de Pressac, made from the oldest vines, thus the wine is powerful and suitable for long maturation before being ready to enjoy. 15-30 years

Château Tour de Pressac : Second wine of Château de Pressac and as such profits from the infinite care. The same winemaking methods (vinification as well as maturation) are used for both wines. The wine can be enjoyed earlier in time and will procure great pleasure 

Some very old vintages displayed in a wall in the tasting room.

View of the terraced vineyard behind us.