Monday, May 20, 2013

Fisher Vineyards Wine Dinner

Last fall, DCC hosted a wine dinner as they usually do about five times a year, bringing in some famous (in my book) winemakers with their wines. In November of 2012, we were privileged to taste the wines from Fisher Vineyards and meet Cameron Fisher, the last of the family to work at the vineyard. She even has a bottle of wine named after her! 
Cameron was so sweet and shared her life story with the small group of people in the Founder's Room at the club. She autographed the evening menu for us.
Fisher Vineyards are located in the Mayacama Mountains with 100 acres and 57 acres in Napa Valley on the Silverado Trail. The proprietor says they are "small in size, but great in scope." They are truly a boutique winery and I am singing their praises. This is one bottle of  wine we bought that night. Click on the link to read the winemaker's notes. Reading them makes me want to open the bottle in the middle of the day.
2007 Coach Insignia 
This bottle sells for around $80, but really, you won't regret it. I plan to visit their vineyard in June or October. 
Now, another bottle of wine from this winemaker was given to us by a man that works for Don. He and his wife were our guests for dinner that night. They secretly bought us a bottle of the Wedding Vineyard as a gift this past January. They signed the bottle with the date of our wedding and their names, etc. How sweet was that! We're saving it for an anniversary. The label got a little messed up with red wine dripping on it from a bottle that my husband put in the cellar on the top rack. From this point on, that is a definite no-no!!!!! 

We did taste this wine the night of the dinner and it was delicious. I am not a wine snob, but just a woman tasting and enjoying wines with my husband. This wine is a tribute to the owner's anniversary in 1975 and sells anywhere from $120-$140. Very nice wedding gift I should say!