Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Noshing at Nosh Euro Bistro!

Don and I recently went out to eat (which we do about 5 times a week) at Nosh. We had only been there one other time and really had fun. They had sat us where we could watch the cooks do their magic in the kitchen. We visited with the chef and got extra-special attention sitting there. It's worth the time to make a reservation and ask for the seats at the kitchen counter (so to speak)!
This is what you see when you sit there! Pretty fun! But last time we went, we sat at a regular white linen-covered table in the open seating area. We ordered a bottle of wine that I had never had before, but Don had. Here's his take on his visits to this winery. (This was before I knew him.) He loves their wine, but not the tasting room staff. Both times he's been there, he has experienced a not-so-pleasant staff. We had driven by their winery last summer and he wouldn't stop. I told him one day he would have to forgive them and take me there! Maybe the third time will be the charm.
Our waiter  brought us a bottle of 2010 "Estate" Russian River Valley Rochioli Chardonnay. Now I have to say that this is an excellent Chardonnay. Wine Spectator gives it a 92. "It is full bodied, rich and layered, with honeysuckle, smoke, roasted fig and melon flavors that are pure and focused, subtle and persistent." I say buy it! It is soooo good! It sells for $60 a bottle.  I know that is a bit pricey! But remember, life is too short to drink cheap wine!
Here's my plate of lamb chops, lamb sausage, and filet medallions! You are probably wondering why I didn't order a red wine!.......well, I wanted white! I know that some people say red wine pairs with meat and white wine pairs with fish, chicken, etc But I say, drink what you want to drink. 
And Don always surprises me with something new to try when we dine out! Thanks honey! 

Until next time......