Monday, July 1, 2013

#California June 19-23 "Winecation!"

Sonoma/Healdsburg "Winecation"

We just returned from a fabulous Sonoma/Healdsburg "winecation" with three of our favorite couple friends! One couple from Birmingham had never been to the wine country, ever! It was so much fun to watch them really become a part of the wine culture in Sonoma. Don and I planned two full days of wine tastings, which ended up being three full days. We ventured off the schedule a bit the very first day due to recommendations from tasting rooms. So when I returned home, I tweaked my wine brochure that I had made everyone so that it reflected what we actually ended up doing. 

This month, I will be featuring all of the tasting rooms we visited, along with restaurants that we ate at while in Sonoma/ Healdsburg. I can't wait to begin to share these wonderful tasting rooms and vineyards, wines and fun times with you. It should be on your bucket list to visit this area of California soon!